Six Home Security Trends for 2022

Your home is your refuge of relaxation and entertainment and should be the place you feel safest. Thanks to innovation in the home security market, homeowners can take control of their safety through their preferred methods. As more millennials purchase homes, they desire convenient devices and integrated systems for daily use more than any generation before them. The home automation and security markets are growing each month with innovative technologies that will shape the business for years to come. Here are six home security trends our experts at Audio Video Concepts anticipate seeing more of in 2022.

Remote Security

Smart technology users are opting for devices that can be controlled remotely as this capacity spreads to more products, including locks, lighting systems, and hazard prevention devices, such as smoke, water, and gas sensors. Through customized apps and internet systems, you can activate and monitor devices even if you’re away from home. The newest remote systems can sense if anyone is home before setting alarms and sensors. If any sensors trip, designated persons and the appropriate authorities are notified to act before the damage spreads. It’s becoming easier to integrate all the working pieces into a single system as well, homeowners can manage and customize their systems more than ever before, right in the palm of their hand.

Improved Surveillance

Modern homeowners desire 24/7 surveillance of their home’s property and access to live camera feeds no matter where they may be. CCTV camera and software systems are overtaking the security industry across residential and commercial properties as tech companies are reaching to achieve the next level of security. Thermal and infrared cameras are becoming the next hot trend, which can pick up movement even in low-light or nighttime settings. Because the technology, lighting features, and resolution have improved, the cost of production has dropped making this an affordable option for homeowners.

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Cloud Computing

We rely more on computing connectivity and data storage for our home security devices, so their integration can create concerns about hackers or vulnerable data. Cloud computing is a solution that offers safer data storage and retrieval than the typical on-premises server storage. This minimizes the risk of malfunctioning software that renders your devices inoperable while offering remote access and monitoring and user-friendly services at no additional cost.

Tighter Cybersecurity

The ever-expanding body of financial and personal data shared through devices can increase the risk of a data breach. Since service providers have developed systems that allow us to log into our banks or door locks through our phones or tablets, hackers can do it too. As a result, more homeowners are looking to protect their WiFi routers and devices with cybersecurity measures since many home automation devices, like a garage door opener, aren’t necessarily built with security in mind.

Voice Recognition

One in four American adults owns a least one voice command assistant, whether we’re asking Alexa for a weather update or Google to set a timer. As voice command helps simplify daily tasks, it’s also integrated into the home security field. This means, designated persons will be able to ask the voice assistant to lock the doors or turn on exterior lighting. Apple, Google, and Amazon have gathered around Matter, a universal connectivity standard that will make operating your smart home easier than ever, no matter which brands are in your home. We expect to see more secure, streamlined developments for home security, including voice recognition.

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Facial Recognition

The most personalized approach to home security is found in facial recognition technology, whether you use Apple’s Face ID to unlock your iPhone or Google Photo’s cataloging software to determine the different faces in your photos. Now, we see facial recognition in advanced home security cameras that capture an image of a visitor’s face and store it in their database of friends and family who often stop by your home. If the camera recognizes your visitor, it will alert you who’s at the door. As this technology improves, your smile will likely begin complementing manual or electric home locks and replacing fingerprint or passcode entry.

Do you already use some of these home security solutions? Whether you have questions about cloud computing or are excited to install a CCTV system with facial recognition, our team at Audio Video Concepts is prepared to help you design and install a tight home security system that keeps you and your family safe and sound. Call us today to begin!


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