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April 1, 2022 Shading Control Security

Across the nation, more homeowners are choosing automated home solutions. These solutions extend to motorized shades, an expanding market of efficient solutions filtering the heat and light entering your home. Audio Video Concepts has found six reasons to invest in automated shade control for your home.

Added Convenience

It probably doesn't feel too time-consuming to raise, lower, open, or close your blinds by hand, but when you have to adjust every window in the house, the few seconds add up to several minutes, especially if a stubborn or tangled blind won't cooperate. Instead, imagine adjusting all the shades in your home at the same time! It's possible with motorized blinds, which shift simultaneously with the touch of a button from an app on your mobile device or a centralized touch panel in your home. You can amp up the convenience by programming automated “scenes” that adjust your shades at particular times, so in case you forgot to close your blinds before heading out the door, your automated system will always remember. 

Heightened Comfort

Our shading solutions instantly change the level of comfort in your home. You can finally forego waking to a blaring alarm when you program your motorized blinds to silently open around 6 am. If glaring sunlight feels too harsh in your living room in the afternoon, it's easy for your eyes to find relief with the touch of a button. On the other hand, you can welcome the light of the sun on a winter’s day and raise your blinds within seconds. No matter your preferences, we have shades that fit any window size and budget range.

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Strengthened Security

Did you know your motorized shades can also protect you and your family? Secure your home’s assets through mockupancy, in which your shades are programmed to open and close at seemingly random times of day to mimic the presence of someone inside the home. This seemingly simple action has the power to discourage potential intruders from targeting a home they believe is occupied. Let’s say you have valuable assets visible through your window, especially at night. When you program your shades to close automatically when the sun sets, you maintain the privacy of your family's activities and your personal property.

Increased Energy Savings

Most homeowners experience pricier heating bills in the wintertime, and it may not just be due to the outside weather. Your windows could be partly to blame; they leak up to 50% of the home's energy. However, motorized shades add an extra layer of sealing the heat or cold within your home depending on the season to save you money each month. Some shading solutions are specialized to insulate the home and manage solar heat intake no matter what your preferences may be.

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Protection from UV Rays

Everyone is well aware of the damage UV rays inflict on your skin, but they also strain your eyesight when reflected off of different screens, such as phones, computers, and televisions. To take the damage a step further, UV rays fade your home’s furniture, artwork, and flooring rapidly. However, it’s not difficult to protect your vision and home décor through motorized shading. You can make minute adjustments that filter in the perfect amount of light to maintain visibility while keeping your vision comfortable.

Elegant Aesthetics

We understand if you are hesitant to install automated blinds. Do they look and sound too mechanical for an otherwise cozy home? With our range of stylish and near-silent shades, we don’t think so. Motorized blinds can match your home’s décor with simple neutral colors, and a sleek in-wall touch screen will look modern and can manage other automated devices in your house. In fact, installing motorized blinds throughout your home is the easiest way to raise its value significantly.

Automated shading solutions are an easy way to increase the comfort of your home while making you more money in the long run. Whether you have questions about automated settings or want to browse our options, contact our team at Audio Video Concepts today to get started!