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February 28, 2022 Home Automation

Within a handful of years, the growth of the automated solutions market has resulted in sleek new systems and products that have allowed homeowners to enjoy a cost-effective, convenient, and "green" lifestyle. Roughly 20% of households in the world will own at least one smart home device by 2025. Audio Video Concepts has marked the rise of several home automation solutions that will be enjoying popularity this year.

Greener Energy Systems

We're noticing more homeowners who want to save energy usage for more than savings; they also want to slow down on energy consumption for the sake of the planet. Whether you have a new or older home, both reap significant benefits from automated energy systems. The most affordable energy management solutions are smart thermostats that you can sync to your daily schedule. For example, your thermostat will automatically enter an energy-saving mode in the hours when your family is at work or school, and begin adjusting to your family's ideal temperature approximately 30 minutes before the first family member comes home. Don't worry if your routine changes; you can manage your thermostat settings from a paired app on your smartphone even when you're far from home.

Data-Forward Health Devices

In recent years, more Americans have placed growing importance on health and wellness. When the pandemic closed gyms down in 2020, at-home workout technology increased across the nation, including Samsung’s Smart Trainer, the Mirror, and the Ultrahuman app for Apple Watch. These apps and gadgets can monitor your heartbeat, habits, goals, and even your brain activity while you sleep. Recently, more homeowners are investing in smart air conditioners and air purifiers that measure and filter air-borne allergens to strengthen the immunity of family members. Smart doorbells allow homeowners to check guests at the front door for fever, one of the main symptoms of potentially contagious illness that could affect immunocompromised family members.

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Streamlined Remote Work Solutions

Remote work is a trend of the pandemic that we see having a permanent impact on the workforce. Automated solutions specifically for home office working can improve employee efficiency through video conferencing technology that displays pertinent data from presentations alongside coworkers’ faces in virtual meetings, or entertaining AI backgrounds that conveniently hide your home's clutter. Noise-canceling windows are a new solution that conceals your neighborhood's audible clutter, like the roar of a neighbor mowing their lawn, so you and your colleagues can hear each other. Furthermore, your internet bandwidth is likely straining under the weight of everyone using Wi-Fi for work, school, and entertainment from home. However, mesh networking is becoming a popular solution for anyone wanting a consistent connection throughout every corner of the home. Now you can give a presentation while your children attend school and your spouse streams music, all under one Wi-Fi network.

No-Touch Tech

The newest technology solutions utilize light, sound, and even motion to operate; no buttons required! This year we've noticed the rise of presence detectors that change your home's lighting and temperature based on the number of people. It's likely that soon these sensors will be able to recognize particular individuals' movement patterns, a potentially useful feature for residential surveillance systems. Even bathrooms are enjoying sensory solutions, from self-cleaning toilets, temperature-adjusting showers, and even leak-detecting plumbing systems that will notify homeowners and shut off the system when a leak is sensed.

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Connected Voice Control and A.I.

Whether you prefer Siri, Alexa, or Google Home, voice-control assistants are quickly evolving into essential home devices. They allow family members who can’t reach the light switch or blinds the ability and independence to control their environment and answer your questions about breaking news, the daily weather, and even fun facts. Soon these assistants will perform bigger roles in your home's operation through Matter, the new connectivity standard that Amazon, Google, and Apple are supporting. Matter will allow devices of varying name brands to communicate and operate in sync.

With so many smart home solutions, it’s hard to know which ones fit best with your lifestyle. Whether you have questions on smart lighting systems or are curious about surveillance camera capabilities, give our team at Audio Video Concepts a call today to begin!