A happy family enjoys Thanksgiving dinner while listening to their whole-home audio system.

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate with family and friends. Bringing a whole-home audio system to your Southern California home will only increase the fun and festivities with your loved ones, whether you’re hosting a costume party, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, or enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. Here are Audio Video Concepts’ top ways to spice up the season with whole-home audio.

Take the Party to Any Room

Want to improve harmonious relationships between your friends and family? Playing everyone's favorite tunes throughout the home with multi-room audio will improve everyone's mood! It's likely your current setup has separate systems or speakers in one or two rooms, creating "dead zones" of separation from the fun for anyone outside of these rooms. However, a whole-home audio system bridges audio and enjoyment across your household without much effort. You don't need a full stereo system in each room; a single high-quality speaker per room will suffice for the most basic setup and can sit on a bookshelf or be installed in the wall or ceiling. Through your phone, you can adjust the volume and choose to sync each speaker to play the same song through as many rooms as you'd like. Now you're ready for house parties full of dancing, or quiet evenings filled with good company.

Spread the Music to the Outdoors

Here in SoCal, we understand that the warmth of summer extends throughout the year, so bringing your whole-home audio system to your yard is the logical thing to do. Whether you'd like weatherproofed "rock" speakers that blend in next to your hot tub, or speakers installed underground so you can relax on the patio, we can offer a sound system that fits in with your outdoor lifestyle. You can choose to have speakers all the way to the edge of your property so even the guests around the bonfire can hear your tunes. Sync your exterior and interior speakers so you can enjoy the same song as you move to and from inside.

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Switch up your Listening Source

You can always get creative with your listening preferences when using your whole-home audio system. You can listen to ambient noise like birdsong or ocean waves as you lounge outside, or catch up on your favorite audiobook while you clean the house for Thanksgiving. Allow your system to guide you through a meditation session, or get into the spooky spirit by hearing the latest true-crime podcast. The best part of your system is that multiple people can use the system simultaneously with different sources. If you want to stream the news while you cook dinner in the kitchen, another family member can enjoy a radio station in their bedroom. You and your family will be able to customize your listening preferences to match your preferences.

Control the Music However You Want

A huge perk of your whole-home audio system is that any member of your family can operate it. You can control your tunes from your mobile device, whether it’s your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, so the smallest grandchild to the most elderly grandparent can enjoy different audio entertainment. Alternatively, you can ask everyone to add their song requests to the queue via a voice command assistant or wall-mounted control panel. If you need to stop the music to make an announcement or encourage conversation, the touch of a button will lower the volume or pause everything within seconds for either the whole house or a specific room.

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Enjoy the Variety of Choice

There's no reason you should limit your listening options to one platform or source. When you allow a team of professionals like Audio Video Concepts to design and install your whole-home audio system, you'll be able to choose among Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon, a turntable, stereo system, gaming console, and more! A centralized control system allows you to pick your ideal speakers to pair with your television to host Sunday night football, a video game tournament, or a movie night with friends and family. There's a myriad of ways you can use your audio system to reap its full audio benefits and cutting-edge sound quality.

The joys of listening to music and other media can extend from your bedroom to the edge of your property with a whole-home audio system. When you bring quality entertainment to your home, your whole family will enjoy its benefits. If you want to add a few speakers to your existing system or invest in an entirely new one, call our team at Audio Video Concepts to get started today.