A central vacuum cleans a dirty carpet.
June 30, 2021 Central Vacuum

Many homeowners consider vacuuming to be one of the most frustrating and inconvenient household chores. How often do you trip over the cord, fail to clean hard-to-reach spots, or return to the store because your old one can't handle thick carpet? It doesn’t have to be so difficult. The installation of a central vacuum will eliminate these inconveniences while ensuring your carpet stays clean.

Many homeowners don't know that central vacuums are a great option because manufacturers market their portable vacuums over central vacuums to obtain higher profits. Furthermore, there are myths on how central vacuums operate, the first being that they require tearing down walls for a massive renovation. This is false; the pipes feed through existing crawlspaces, the attic, or the basement. The only new hole needed is covered with an inlet backing plate to ensure your vacuum blends into your home without being an eyesore. Here are several more benefits of owning a central vacuum system.

Wave Portable Vacuums Goodbye

By now, you've probably noticed that portable vacuums have a short life of only a few years and can be extremely expensive to replace. However, a central vacuum system only requires maintenance now and then, which is much more cost-effective than purchasing a whole new product. You also will no longer need to worry about issues with your filter, stumbling over tangled power cords, or struggling to maneuver a heavy piece of machinery. Central vacuums are lightweight, operate easily and efficiently, and contain long-lasting parts.

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Effective Deep Cleaning

The motor in a central vacuum is three times as strong as that of a portable vacuum, so they go beyond removing surface dust and debris and can clean the deep grit and dirt that stain your carpets. Furthermore, because your central vacuum's motor is stored in a stationary place in your garage or basement, it can stay cool for longer than a portable vacuum's motor.

Simple to Operate

Cleaning becomes a painless task with a central vacuum in your home. Gone are the days of lugging a heavy canister down the hallway or up the stairs and struggling to use its clunky attachments to try to reach under the dresser. A central vacuum comes with a variety of accessories that match its sleek design to attack the tiniest nooks and crannies. Now that you can finally clean under your fridge, you'll realize that owning a central vacuum system means cleaning is more effective than ever before.

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Enjoy Clearer Air and Reduced Allergies

Homeowners with central vacuums notice an improvement in air quality, and those suffering from seasonal allergies found they experienced much weaker reactions. According to a study from UC Davis, central vacuums keep the air much cleaner than portable vacuums. This is because the dust and debris that would usually recycle back into the air through a portable vacuum’s exhaust are instead contained within your central vacuum's main unit in a separate space, then expelled outside. You'll find that you may not need to vacuum as often as before as you experience a cleaner home for a longer time.

Perfect for Any Space

Your central vacuum is compatible with many accessories, including a long hose that extends throughout different rooms. Depending on your hose placement in the house, you may be able to reach your garage, vehicles, boats, and RVs parked outside, which eliminates the need to purchase another portable vacuum. Some homeowners have remarked their central vacuum works with the efficiency of a power tool more than any household item.

Less Noise, Less Annoyance

With a portable vacuum, it's obvious when someone is cleaning the floors due to the overwhelmingly loud noise that disturbs pets and family members trying to take a nap, chat on the phone, or watch a show. However, you will be pleasantly amazed to find a central vacuum is significantly quieter since the motor, which is the source of the noise, is located in your garage or basement. Unless you're in either of those spaces, the only noise you'll hear is the air flowing through your vacuum hose and head, which means your family members can relax in peaceful coexistence.

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A Wise Investment

Every household appliance should be an investment into your home, and installing a central vacuum is one of the wisest decisions you can make. You'll save money over time, preserve your respiratory health, and raise the value of your property if you decide to sell it one day, meaning the money you spent on that vacuum will return to your wallet. As we have mentioned, central vacuums have fantastic longevity, requiring major maintenance only every ten years or so.

The installation process of a central vacuum is quick, simple, and will streamline your cleaning process more than ever before. If you're considering bringing a central vacuum to your California home, contact our team at Audio Video Concepts today!