A house at dusk features a pool with lighting and a nice outdoor living and entertainment center.

As spring days grow warmer and warmer, you shouldn’t have to go inside when the sun goes down. A well-integrated home system provides you with entertainment in your outdoor spaces. You'll be able to sit in the hot tub talking with friends while listening to a classic album through your landscape rock speakers. Audio Video Concepts has exactly what you need for spring and summer.

Don’t forget to weatherproof your equipment

Indoor speakers are safe from the elements in their stable environment of controlled lighting and temperature. However, outdoor weather means snow, humidity, rain, sun, and more! As long as you own the proper equipment, connections, and cables to protect your AV equipment from the outdoors, you’ll be surprised how beautifully your equipment will perform.

Extend your WiFi to the edge of your property

Have you noticed a significant drop in your WiFi quality as you move to the perimeter of your property, whether you’re trying to watch a YouTube gardening tutorial or video chatting with your friend to show them your new pool? The back door shouldn't be the limit to your Wi-Fi reach! Audio Video Concepts offers WiFi extender products and services that allow you to stretch your WiFi to the edge of the yard.

Enjoy family movie night with the fireflies

Why settle for a bedsheet screen and an old, noisy, projector when you could invest in a weather-resistant TV? You'll be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows, football games, and comedy shows all night long in 4k or HD through warm spring nights.

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Adjust the patio comfort level depending on the weather

There are still a few cool nights lingering here and there, but warmer nights are already here. Integrated control of your patio fans and shades can help maintain the optimal comfort level. No matter what the weather decides to do, you can still relax and enjoy your patio listening to the whole house audio speakers or watch your favorite show on the weatherized television.

Rock'n'roll with landscape speakers

Most homeowners don't want classic-looking speakers in their backyard; it can be an eyesore to some and an invitation for theft. Instead, landscape rock speakers blend perfectly into your yard's environment to leave your guests amazed and wondering where the music is coming from.

Feel the bass reverb through the ground

Want to step outside and feel the ground shake beneath your feet? Our team can install subwoofers underground, leaving them out of sight and in their groove.

Set the mood with automated lighting

Lighting systems don't have to be boring. Colorful lights are a more fun addition perfect for casual outdoor gatherings and events. You can feature them under covered areas, in your pool, or hidden in your garden. You'll always be able to manually control and customize different settings to automate them at particular times too.

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Unify all your systems with home automation

Let's say outdoor lighting, music, and TV are already incorporated into your outdoor lifestyle. Want to optimize their efficiency? Automate their functions and manage everything through a simple centralized system. A single touchscreen mounted on your wall makes everything accessible and on one network.

Operate your system through your mobile device

If a screen on the wall doesn’t sound ideal for you, most automated systems allow you to use your mobile device, like a cell phone or tablet, to control your entertainment, lighting, and temperature control. The touch of a button will have you watching a movie in under a minute!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new outdoor system

This is the most important step, and we know you'll do great! Make sure you take time to relax with your family and enjoy using your outdoor equipment. Our team of experts at Audio Video Concepts will help you design and install an outdoor system perfect for your lifestyle. Call us today to get started!