A bathroom's smart lighting system is managed through a control panel on the wall.

An automated lighting control system will allow you to experience your home in entirely new ways. Under a centralized system, you’ll be able to organize sets of lights, adjust their brightness and color, and even protect your home from intruders. Here are five ways to use a new lighting system with Audio Video Concepts.

Safe and Sound

It may sound surprising, but a lighting control system will increase your home security. Burglars are more likely to target a house that seems unoccupied, but with automated lighting, you can program different rooms to turn lights on and off on days you're away from home, a strategy known as "Mockupancy." Consider using motion sensor lights that are triggered when someone is within a few feet of your home or when your car enters the driveway.

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Rise with the Sun

On mornings when it's more difficult than usual to leave your bed, automated lighting can be the motivation you need. Program the lights in each bedroom to turn on at a time of your choosing, so every member of the house can wake to a gentle glow that grows brighter by the minute. Automated lighting removes the struggle of fumbling through the dark in the morning to wake your kids up. Now they'll enjoy some more autonomy and you can set lights to begin dimming at night to get the bedtime routine started.

Set the Mood

The quickest way to transform your home’s atmosphere is through lighting, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or trying to relax after a long day. Cool bright light encourages focus on productivity during the day when you’re cooking meals or the kids are doing their homework. Meanwhile, warm-toned soft light is perfect for sipping wine with dinner or making your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary. Color-changing lights can enchant any space of your home, whether it’s your backyard or the home theater; we partner with Colorbeam Lighting to offer the most elegant solutions. You’ll be able to set whatever mood with the touch of a button.

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Mobile Control

Maybe you're worried that having a modern lighting system will be a confusing affair to operate. There's no need to worry! Our lighting control systems are easily controlled through a centralized system on a smart device, such as a mobile device or sleek wall panel. You can control sets of lights when you're on the other side of the house, including the lights' intensity and color. This also means you'll be able to switch your lights on and off even if you've left your home or settled into bed for the night!

Going Green

Through Audio Video Concepts, you'll be able to program energy-efficient settings for your lighting systems that save you money on energy bills, allowing you to minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your home's emissions. With lighting control, you'll be able to set combinations of lights to be used simultaneously, so you can choose a few rather than all of your lights to turn on. When you leave the house, you can program all the lights in your home to shut off too.

One of the easiest ways to build your home's value is through a professionally designed and installed lighting control system. Our partners, like Colorbeam Lighting, provide superior products, and our team at Audio Video Concepts is prepared to design and install the lighting control system of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!