Front door bell with integrated camera thanks to Control4

2020 has brought us a lot of things; working and schooling remotely from home, a collection of face masks, and perhaps some PTSD about shopping for toilet paper. But it hasn’t all been bad. It has brought us closer to our families, made us more aware of self-care, and finally compelled us to start on those home improvement projects. It’s also been a year filled with some pretty cool new products, software, and apps that help us transform our homes—which we’re spending more time in than ever before!—into spaces that we can not only stand, but really enjoy spending some serious quarantine time in.

That’s where Control4 comes in! We worked hard this year (with our masks on!) to bring you some new, awe-inspiring products that not only make your home more enjoyable but help to make your life more simple, because we believe that’s what a smart home is all about.

So what’s new with Control4 in 2020? We’re glad you asked…


It’s a sleek, clean-cut video doorbell built to work seamlessly with your Control4 system. You know, similar to the brands you’ve no doubt heard about the past few years, AND THEN SOME. Chime allows you to see and communicate with guests at your door with crisp audio and clean video. This is where other video doorbells stop. But Chime is just getting started. From the same app, tap a customized button to disengage the lock, turn on entryway lights, and then have the alarm re-engage in 30 seconds. Perfect for allowing guests to enter when you’re not quite home yet, or for ensuring that package you’ve been waiting on can stay safe inside your home and not as porch pirate bait out on the porch. It’s the only video doorbell built specifically to integrate flawlessly with your smart home. When products this cool come knocking—or ringing!—you have to answer!


Touchscreens are a huge part of everyday life these days. Phones, laptops, tablets, kid’s toys, even some TVs are touchscreens! The new Control4 Touchscreens are quickly becoming a fan-favorite. These 8’’ or 10’’ dedicated screens are crafted especially for navigating your Control4 Smart Home. With new speaker capabilities, crystal-clear imaging, and seemingly super speed, these touchscreens are perfect for viewing security cameras, utilizing the Intercom Anywhere features to chat with other touchscreens, or using them to adjust audio volumes, start up playlists, and find your favorite shows.


The Neeo Remote is one of the hottest products available from Control4, and it just got hotter.

The already good looking remote is available for a short time in a sexy shade of red. So hot in fact, that we’ve put together a playlist of all of the songs it reminds us of! Check out our red hot Spotify playlist HERE, and let us know what songs you would add! If you’re looking to “Wow” your guests, add a little spice to your theater room, or just are sick of standard remote control color options, then this is the remote for you! The Neeo Remote, available in black, silver, and the limited-time red, offers a sleek design, a responsive touchscreen, minimalistic buttons that are ergonomically placed, and did we mention the 3’’ high-resolution touch screen perfect for navigating your smart home? It is the universal remote to rule all universal remotes, and we highly recommend you get your hands on one.

Source: Control4